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Our staff

Take a look at the people who will make all of that possible and who will make sure you get a website that is just perfect, just right for you and your needs.

Lauren L McCall

UI developer

Designed for the user interface you can feel and use while on a website. It should stay simple, but attract attention and make a visitor happy and satisfied.

Phylis J Hartley

WP designer

She will design stunning WP websites and make sure you get the ultimate design in a few easy steps and also can help you learn how you can maintain your new website.

Polly D Duncan

Back end developer

All you cannot see will be developed by this person. A site is much bigger than the eye can see and there are no limits here. All you can get will be presented to you and you can have it.

Morris T Johns

Front end developer

All you can see and interact will be developed by this person who has over 10 years of experience and has been working on some of the largest websites in human history.

Idea is the king